Jason Hydrotherapy

Revitalize the body, rejuvenate the soul

Long ago, connoisseurs of good living made a delightful discovery: Water has an almost magical power to promote health and to restore body and mind.

To these discerning people, bathing is more than just a way to cleanse the body. It is a secret to enhancing health and well-being every day – a delightful form of therapy Hydrotherapy. At Jason, we engineer our products to take full advantage of water’s power to promote good health. That is why so many connoisseurs of good living choose Jason.

Rest and renew your body. Quiet your mind. Refresh your spirit. Daily bathing, as Jason makes it possible, becomes a delightful and essential aspect of your health and wellness routine, the purest form of therapy.

Jason makes bathing much more than simply stepping into the water. Reach another, deeper level of bathing experience by selecting with each bathing occasion the form of hydrotherapy that matches your needs and desires. If you choose, you can even immerse yourself in a multi sensory experience of touch, aroma, color and sound. Jason designers have taken every sense into account.

Choose the bathing experience that helps you be at your best for the day at hand. On days when helping tired muscles recover from the exertion of a strenuous workout, choose the deep tissue massage of Whirlpool hydro-massage. On days when you simply wish to de-stress, still your mind and think more clearly, choose the serene retreat of a gentle AirMasseur ® massage. Some days you may wish to combine both experiences. With a Jason hydrotherapy bath, you can truly have it all.

The Jason Designer Collection weds design flexibility with state-of-the-art hydrotherapy technology. Create a bath ideally suited to your home and your preferences. Hydrotherapy choices? Of course! Choose Soaking, AirMasseur ® or Whirlpool, or indulge in an Air-Whirlpool combination.

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